Propose a Talk

👋Hey! 👂At LLMOps.Space we’re aiming to have various types of talks (some may be combined to a single session):

  • Lightning talk - flexible format (10-15 minutes)
  • Regular talk - should include code or demonstrations (30-45 minutes)
  • Panel discussion - flexible format (40-60 minutes)
  • Product/repo unveiling (10-15 minutes) - requires showing a product/repo that hasn’t yet been announced elsewhere
  • Beta feedback session (20-60 minutes) - for products/repos that have already been tried by at least a couple of users, but haven’t been announced yet. Requires enabling hands-on access for users to try. It’s customary to offer SWAG to at least a subset of the active participants

Feel free to propose a talk 👉here👈, and we’ll have a moderator review it. Talks will be selected according to various considerations: Lessons learned from previous talks, feedback about the speaker or the topic from past events, making a coherent curriculum for the participants, and more.

🙂Due to the many tasks managed by the small (and part-time) moderation team, we won’t be sending rejection notices. So if you haven’t received an acceptance message within 2 weeks, you can assume the talk wasn’t selected at this time. 🙏Thank you for your understanding🙏.