Add your Product or Module

✚ To add a recent announcement about your product/modules to the “dedicated news”, please post about it in the Discord server on #🎙open-source-announcements or #🎙vendors-announcements with the release/news you’d like to add. 2️⃣ important rules:

  1. Announcements are only permitted every 3 months per vendor/project (in each of the 2 channels) unless an exception was made by a moderator (only in exceptional cases). We’re doing this so that the community can benefit from a curated list of major announcements only. Please think carefully about which announcements are worth this scarce visibility slot.
  2. Details need to follow the below template.

✅ Good example for an announcement: Hey, we’re company Z.ai, until now we only supported tabular data . We now fully support GPT-4, and will follow in the next 1-2 months with 2-3 open-source LLMs.

⛔️ Bad example: Version 0.0134 is out! Kudos to Z.ai team for amazing work. We now support integration with 2 new databases, fixed some important bugs, and are constantly learning from you amazing community members!

🤯 This is a change in mindset for some of us. The largest and most successful companies in the world manage to limit their announcements to large/periodic events, this is required in order to maintain usefulness for the community members.

Product Announcement Template

Product Name:

[Enter your product name here]

Version & Release Date:

[Enter the version number and release date here]

Product Overview & Key Features:

[Provide a brief description of your product and highlight its key features or enhancements in this release]

Installation or Update Instructions:

[Include instructions or link to how users can install or update to this release]

Support & Feedback:

[Provide information or link on how users can get support and provide feedback]