List of LLM Consultants

👋 Hey there! 📝 If you’re a consultant with a specialty in LLMs and would like to enter our list, please fill out 👉this👈 form. 🤓 If you’re looking for consultants, please check the below table! Rest assured, we're continuously vetting and adding new talented consultants to this list.

NameAbout themLinkedInSpecializationPortfolioHourly Price RangeTypes of projects interested inDiscord usernameLocation
I assist early-stage LLM startups in achieving growth. As an ex-software engineer turned growth hacker, I take a hands-on approach by immersing myself in your company as if I were a founder. By doing so, I perform in-house testing and implement strategies that deliver maximum ROI for both traffic generation and high-quality leads.
Growth Hacker
$50 to $150
5-20 hours to kickstart a project1-5 hours a week1 day a week
Tel Aviv
Fractional-CTO; expert in GenAI, LLMs, AI infrastructure, and cloud infrastructure(Kubernetes maintainer)
Prompt Engineering for Language ModelsProject Ideation and Planning for LLMsWorking with LLMs and Sensitive DataCloud IT and Infra Cost Reduction
$150 or more
1-5 hours a week5-20 hours to kickstart a project2-3 days a week
Tel Aviv