Join us for an insightful webinar where Rafael and Puneet from Databricks will dive deep into the world of LLMOps. This session is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the key components of building an effective and efficient LLMOps stack. 🚀

The webinar will primarily revolve around the construction and optimization of LLMOps architecture. Our expert speakers will discuss various components including MLFlow for Large Language Models (LLMs), Vector Databases, embeddings, and compute optimizations.

Topics that will be covered:

✅ MLFlow for LLMs: Discover the role of MLFlow in managing and streamlining LLMs.

✅ Vector Databases: Learn about the importance of Vector Databases in the LLMOps stack. Get insights into how they can aid in efficient storage, indexing, and retrieval of high-dimensional vector data.

✅ Embeddings: Dive into the world of embeddings, exploring how they can effectively represent language in a way that machines understand.

✅ LLM Evaluation: Learn how to evaluate LLMs and the key metrics and methods for evaluating the effectiveness of your large language models.