Community Giveaways

We're excited to announce our first LLMOps Space Discord Giveaway! ✨


The steps to participate in the giveaway are super easy, all you need to do is invite 5 friends to the LLMOps Discord server. 🤩

The prize for this giveaway is the Apple AirPods Pro sponsored by Deepchecks.

We’ll choose one winner randomly from the eligible participants by November 14th.

Remember, the more friends you invite, the more chances you have to win! Good luck!

Steps to participate:

  1. If you haven't already, join our LLMOps Discord server. You can do this by clicking on the invitation link here ➡️ https://llmops.space/discord
  2. Join the #giveaway channel in the LLMOps.Space discord.
  3. Create a server invite from your account. On the top left of your screen in the LLMOps Discord, a drop-down menu will appear. Click on 'Invite People'.
  4. Share the link with the relevant people you know who are exploring LLMs.
  5. We have enabled a giveaway bot in the server, you’ll see the giveaway leaderboard there. Once you hit 5 successful invites, your account will be automatically added to the giveaway.

Here are some assets for you to boost your participation:

Graphic Asset: {drive link}

Message Copy:

We hope you're as excited about this giveaway as we are! Happy inviting!

Rules and Regulations