1. Please read the guidelines carefully: Familiarize yourself with the community guidelines to understand the expectations and principles we uphold. Ignorance of the guidelines will not exempt anyone from accountability.
  2. Strict 3-strike system: We operate on a strict 3-strike system for both individuals and teams. After three violations of the guidelines, the relevant people will be removed from the LLMOps Space for one month. Upon their return, they will be on probation. Let’s work together to maintain a positive and respectful community.
  3. Spam and self-promotion: In good taste, spam, invitations to events and self-promotion are allowed but only in dedicated channels: #🦩shameless-plug, #📥job-opportunities #🗓events-external and #🌠memes. Please refrain from unsolicited promotion in other channels to maintain focus and relevance.
  4. Announcements: Announcements about new releases from your team or company are acceptable. However, we have strict guidelines regarding frequency and format to ensure the announcements benefit the community members more than the vendors. For this purpose, we have dedicated channels: #🎙open-source-announcements and #🎙vendor-announcements. All announcements must adhere to this template: [link]. Feel free to add extra information in the thread following the announcement. Vendors are allowed to make announcements on each of these channels once every three months unless they have received special approval. Individuals – Well… Just don’t be annoying 😊
  5. Use appropriate language: Maintain a professional tone and avoid offensive, vulgar, or inappropriate language. Remember that we have participants from different backgrounds and cultures.
  6. Share knowledge: Contribute by sharing valuable insights, experiences, articles, resources, and practical tips related to LLMOps. Encourage discussions, ask questions, and provide constructive feedback to help community members grow and learn.
  7. Ask for permission before sharing: When sharing external content, articles, or resources, make sure you have the necessary permissions or provide appropriate attribution to the original source.
  8. Be respectful: Treat all community members with kindness and respect. Avoid personal attacks, harassment, discrimination, or any behavior that may cause discomfort or distress to others. We embrace diversity and expect participants to do the same.
  9. Maintain a safe space: Help create an inclusive and safe environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions and ideas. Respect differing viewpoints and engage in healthy debates without resorting to personal attacks. Avoid any political comments, discussions, or jokes.
  10. Have fun and enjoy the community: Lastly, remember to have fun, make meaningful connections, and enjoy your time in the LLMOps Space. Together, we can foster a supportive and collaborative space for all participants.