Beta Program Listings

👋 Hey there!

👋 Welcome to the LLMOps.Space Beta Program Listings.

☺️ Our goal is to enable LLMOps companies and potential users/customers to arrive at a win-win situation.

✅ The companies can gain:

1. Valuable feedback for products or modules that aren't yet ready to be released 2. Relationships with teams that can consider becoming customers once the product is mature

✅ The users/customers can gain:

1. Knowledge about tooling & the space 2. Good karma 3. SWAG or in some cases monetary compensation for their time 4. Discounts once the product is ready 5. Ability to influence the product

📝 If you’d like to list your beta program so that members of the LLMOps.Space can join your beta program, please please fill out 👉this👈 form.

🤓 We’re waiting for a critical mass of registered beta programs and then we’ll post their details here.