About LLMOps.Space

👋 Hi there!

💡LLMOps space is a global community for LLM practitioners. The community will focus on content, discussions, and events around topics related to deploying LLMs into production. But with one special emphasis - content, lists & announcements are supposed to be standardized, organized, and focused on the needs of community members.

💬 The core of the community revolves around our Discord

While this website is more about preserving & organizing the knowledge shared there.

🔍 Please read the community code of conduct before you join, we are pretty strict about it and will ⛔️ ban folks & companies pretty easily when violations occur. 🙋‍♂️ LLMOps.Space was initiated by a couple of us at Deepchecks that felt we had a need for a community like this, and we’re currently looking for a group of volunteers to help maintain the community. Please reach out to an admin if you’re interested.

🕝 We currently aren’t signing on companies/vendors as sponsors, the main need is for more hands-on help at this point. This may change over time as the community culture stabilized, and in the meantime - we appreciate your patience.

Moderators: Philip Tannor (Philip Tannor#6766), Divy Chaurasia, Shir Chorev (sh22#5753)

Code of Conduct